[Not active]Tristen Cali

    Report for Organization Gifts from last year

    We created a report to pull all organizations who gave in 2015 (last fiscal year) and noticed that many of the organizations pull muliplte times in the report for the same amount. How can we get them to pull only once? 


    Report is called: Organization Donor Wall Names 


    4 years ago


    Anish Bhalla


    Hi Tristan, thank you for your question. When I opened the report titled "Organization Donor Wall Names" there were no results in the report. Did it show reports for you? 


    I created two reports to try and match your needs and saved them both in the folder of unified public reports under the names "Organizations Gifts 2015" (has organization names and the date of their last gift in 2015) and "Organizations Gifts and Amounts 2015" (has organization names, date of all gifts 2015, and the amounts). Let me know if these reports are what you are looking for. 



    Anish Bhalla 

    Training Manager 

    4 years ago