Catherine Ibbott - GONE

    Overall Lifetime Gift Amount field on Campaign page

    Can you advise how this field calculates?  Is it based on the associated Allocation records? and if so what is the criteria . that is, what is the record type, status and fields used to determine which records are in the calculation.

    I ask this as we have a few record where this field is remaining blank despite there being Transactions and Allocations associated.

    4 years ago


    Shaun Bala (GONE)

    Hi Catherine,

      This particular rollup is the Approved Amount on the associated allocation record including rollups. This would apply to appeals and events. If it's more than 3 levels deep in the hierarchy it might not rollup. If the Appeal is of a custom record type it will not be in the rollups as well.

    If you have a particular instance, where the allocations are not rolling up, please open a case and let us know the specific appeal and we'll investigate.

    For all rollups there are descriptions in the help centre. For Campaigns Appeals, you can look here :


    4 years ago