Orlando Barros

    How do we fulfill a pledge in the system if donor wants to pay with a credit card?



    We are wondering how we would go about fulfilling a pledge if a donor wants to pay with a credit card. Currently we are only able to fulfill them if the donor sends in a check. To run a credit card we would have to batch that gift separately. Is there any way we can work around this?


    Thanks a lot!

    4 years ago


    Karen Guanzon

    Training Manager

    Hi Orlando,


    The current pledge model does not allow for processing credit card payments to open pledges. We are currently working on a new model that will allow for this in future.


    In the meantime, what you can do is process the credit card payment directly at the payment gateway and then manually record tha payment against the pledge as a "Credit Card - Offline" payment type. "Credit Card - Offline" as a payment type indicates that the payment was made by credit card but was processed outside of Causeview.


    Thank you,

    Karen Guanzon

    4 years ago