Stuart Scadron-Wattles (GONE)

    Gift Batches with donor-advised funds: Two ideas

    1. We often receive gifts from donor-advised funds. In these cases, the foundation/charitable fund is credited with the gift and receipted, while the donor is soft credited and acknowledged/thanked, but NOT receipted. The CV batch item entry form does a curious thing on new donor-advised fund entries that is disruptive to entry flow. The organization is entered first, as a new org, but when an individual contact is added and found by the system, the form EMPTIES the previously-entered org information. Typically, this is not seen by the operator, since the information is off of the top of the page. After one enters the gift information, and hits one of the save buttons, the form returns with an error message, since the values for the new org have been erased. My request is that this be treated as a bug and corrected for the next update.
    2. In the case of donor-advised funds, one can usually establish a boilerplate soft credit relationship with an individual or several of them, so that the next time a gift comes from that fund, the donor/s is/are automatically soft credited. This is not currently possible in CV. Including this feature would also allow for soft-crediting major contacts with public foundations and volunteer solicitors of major gifts. Further, it frees up an organization so that it can use data-entry people who may not be familiar with the nuances of who gets soft-credited for what gift.

    6 years ago


    Karen Guanzon

    Training Manager

    Hi Stuart,


    Thank you for bringing these items to our attention. I will be submitting both items on your list to our Development Team. The ability to automatically apply a soft credit is available when defining relationships between individuals but not when adding affiliated contacts within an Organization. 


    Thank you,

    Karen Guanzon

    6 years ago