Causeview 2.810 - 04/13/2016

    Feature Enhancements


    Field Set Added to Post to Finance

    A new field set called “Post to Finance” is added to the Allocation object. This enables a user to dictate extra fields to appear in Post to Finance and the Export File.

    New Recurring Gift Management Page – iATS Only

    A new Recurring Gift Management page has been added to Causeview. This page is intended to optimize the process of updating a Recurring Gift. For existing iATS customers, using the “Edit” button on the Recurring Gift page layout, will launch the new page to update the recurring gift record. 

    Australian Direct Debit Support – iATS Only (Supported only for Commonwealth Bank)

    Direct Debit is now supported for Australian Customers using Commonwealth Bank.

    State/Province not required for any customers outside North America – iATS Only

    Any customer who are located outside North America do not need to enter a value in the State/Province field. This field is optional and not required by iATS, therefore Causeview is updated to not pass this value over to iATS.   

    Invalid Credit Card Validation – iATS Only

    Causeview will now validate if the entered credit card on a donation form is a valid credit card or not. If it is an invalid credit card, users will get a message on the form before the payment is submitted to iATS. This message will appear once a user clicks on the Submit button on the donation form.



    Organization New Recurring Gift: New Gift Interface - No Address Carried Over

    When entering a new recurring gift for an organization through the New Gift Interface, the organization’s address was not being pre-populated. This bug has been fixed.

    Last Payment Amount on Contact

    Some customers experienced an issue with the Last Payment Amount field from being populated on the Contact object once the Contact Rollup job completes. This bug has been fixed.

    Roll up jobs to account for gifts with Record Type of Pledge

    On our previous release we included a new record type of Pledge for any Pledge gifts. This record type has been added to the roll up jobs.

    Recurring Gift: Consecutive Declined Payments Not Getting Updated

    The roll up job was calculating based on Active transactions. If a gift had multiple transactions and the consecutive declined payments were over a span of more than just the current active transaction, the roll up value for Consecutive Declined Payments were incorrect. This bug has been fixed.

    Enhanced Fund Accounting and Transaction Record Type = Pledge

    The trigger responsible for copying GL Codes onto the created Allocation record required a Gift Record Type of Gift or Matching Gift. This has been updated to account for Record Type of Pledge.

    Creating Recurring Gift in New Gift Interface vs Batch

    When creating a new recurring gift with the start date in the future, the behaviour was different between the Batch and New Gift Interface. Batch did not create a $0 Allocation record while the New Gift Interface created a $0 Allocation. To be consistent the New Gift Interface has been updated so that a $0 Allocation will not initially be created, and will only get created when the Payment gets created.

    Error on Appeal Roll Up

    Some customers experienced errors with the Appeal Roll Up batch job. This was due to the batch size being too large. This bug has been fixed.  

    Actionpage Designer Success URL's Not Working

    When Actionpage Designer was used to define a success URL, it did not successfully re-direct to the defined URL. Instead, a thank you message appeared. This bug has been fixed.

    Causeview 2.810 - 04/13/2016
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