Causeview 2.800 - 03/09/2016

    Feature Enhancements


    Multi-Currency enabled orgs: Default currency populated on New Gift Interface

    Currency code will be defaulted to users default currency on the new gift interface for any clients who have multi-currency enabled.

    Recording Reject Codes in Causeview for Declined Payments through Batch/New Gift Interface

    On CV’s previous release we populated the “Status Comment” field with the reject code and description for any payment that came in as declined through the CV Service. Now you can expect the same behavior for any gifts made through the Gift Batch or New Gift interface.

    iATS - Next Payment Date field added to the Recurring Gift object

    A new custom field called “Next Payment Date” is added to the Recurring Gift Object. You can add this new field to the current recurring gift page layout to identify when the next payment for that recurring gift will be processed. For more information on how to customize a page layout, refer to the following salesforce article:

    Last Payment Date and Last Payment Amount field added to the Contact object

    Two new custom fields “Last Payment Date” and “Last Payment Amount” are added to the contact object. These fields will help identify when an individual or account made a donation the last time and its amount. You can add these new fields to your existing Contact page layout. For more information on how to customize a page layout, refer to the following salesforce article: For more information on how to use field level security to control the access users have to certain fields, refer to the following salesforce article:

    Gift Aid – Only for UK Customers

    Gift Aid functionality is included as part of the CV package and only enabled for UK customers. This functionality is only meant for any organizations that reside in the UK.  

    UK Direct Debit Support – Only for UK Customers

    Direct Debit is now supported for UK customers.

    iATS Re-Presentment facility is now Live

    Re-Presentment is a feature that allows clients to set the number of re-tries that iATS should attempt on a CC recurring gift that produces a decline.  
    You can login to your iATS customer portal and have this feature turned on as follows:

    1. Navigate to User Profile
    2. Re-attempt Settings
    3. Select the number of days you want to re-attempt besides “Credit Card Re-attempts”
    4. Select the Reject codes you want to apply this for
    5. Click on Save Settings



    Individual: Phone field does not appear in Gift Batch

    Phone field was previously displayed as “Business Phone”. This has been updated and users can now include the Contact’s Phone field into their Gift Batch Templates. 

    Update to an Individual’s Address does not Update Household Address

    There was a bug which prevented the users from updating the Household Address from a contact record. This bug has been fixed and users need to ensure that “Enable Other Address Trigger” is turned on in Custom Setting and “Use Household Address & Phone Number” is checked on the individual’s record.

    Issue with Roll Ups

    “Total Giving Last Year” and “Total Giving 2 Years Ago” had issues calculating the values properly on an individual’s record. This issue has been fixed. 

    New Gift Batch – Bank Name not copied over to Recurring Gift for an ACH donation

    The Bank Name was failed to populate on the Recurring Gift record for any ACH recurring gifts submitted through the enhanced gift batch. This bug has been fixed.

    Action Page Designer missing button color picker

    When creating a new Action Page, the color picker for the button on the Share tab was missing. This bug has been fixed.

    UK/Australian iATS – Updating payment information

    UK and Australian customers experienced an error updating their recurring gifts. The cause was determined to be the gateway parameter which was not being set properly in the system. This bug has been fixed.

    Free Event Registration Confirmation: Workflow Fires Regardless of Status

    The free event registration confirmation workflow was firing regardless of the status of the event registration. The workflow has been updated to also have a condition where it should only fire when the Status = Registered.

    Causeview 2.800 - 03/09/2016
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