Transaction's Rollup Fields

    Transaction's Rollup Fields 

    The Transaction's rollup fields allows you to track various aspects of that transaction. While some fields are automatically updated by Causeview based on the constituent's transactions, others are manually specified by a Causeview user. 

    Field NamesAutomatic UpdateDescriptions
    Constituent TypeYesUsed to classify the type of constituent linked to the transaction  - Rollup
    Gift Batch IDYesBatch ID - Rollup
    Gift CountYesNumber of Gifts - Rollup
    Last Payment DateYesUsed for recurring gifts - date the last payment was processed - MM/DD/YYYY - Rollup
    Last Pledge PaymentYesDate of last pledge payment - Rollup
    Next Payment DateNoUsed for recurring gifts - date next payment is due for processing - MM/DD/YYYY - Rollup
    Package NameNoName of the package (Rollup)
    Payment Withdrawl DayYesRecurring Gift - day of each month payment will be automatically processed - Rollup
    Remaining PaymentsYesNumber of outstanding payments - Rollup Amount
    Sponsorship/Benefit AmountNoDefines amount of transaction that is related to sponsorships or benefits (not eligible for tax receipt) - Rollup Amount
    Total Gift AmountYesThe total amount of the payment that is a gift to your organization - eligible for tax receipt (Approved Amount - Sponsorship/Benefit Amount) - Rollup Amount
    Total Payment AmountYesTotal payment roll-up amount

    Transaction's Rollup Fields
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