Causeview 2.400 - 10/07/2015

    Feature Enhancements


    New Gift Interface – Thank you message added after submission of any offline gifts

    After submitting any standard gift (cash, check, etc.) through the new gift interface, a Thank You message along with three buttons will be displayed on the following page.

    Following are the buttons:

    1. “Back” – takes you back to the Individual/Organization record
    2. “Payment Created” – takes you to the created Payment record
    3. “Gift Created” – takes you to the created Transaction record

    Standard Payment Refund Update

    Standard payments such as cash, check, etc. can now be refunded using the ‘Refund’ button on the payment record. For additional information and steps on how to process a refund, view the following article:

    New Gift Interface – Appeal lookup filtered to only include “Appeal” or “Event” record type

    On New Gift Interface, the Appeal lookup is now filtered to only include ‘Appeal’ or ‘Event’ record type.

    New Gift Interface – Fund lookup filtered out to exclude any inactive Funds

    On New Gift Interface, the Fund lookup is now filtered out to exclude any inactive funds from showing up.

    Online Donation Form – ACH Routing information now has tabs

    Previously when a user selected ACH as the payment type on a donation form, the user would need to scroll to find the Canadian banking information example. This process has been modified by having a tabular view so the user can easily navigate to the Canadian banking information. 

    Online Donation Form – Ability to update the “Other Amount” text

    Currently the last field for Amount displays as “Other Amount” on a standard donation form. This can now be customized to any text. If you want to change this text for any of your forms, please request through Virtual Admin.



    SendGuestEmail Workflow Fixed

    This “SendGuestEmail” workflow which sends out the Guest Registration Email was not firing when there was only 1 guest. This bug has been fixed.

    Update to “Percent Eligible” field on the Receipt Record

    “Percent Eligible” field on the Receipt record was updated to handle decimal places.

    Event Registration – Refunds did not create Refunded Allocations

    When a payment associated with an Event Registration record was being refunded, the refunded payment did not create a refund allocation. This bug has been fixed.

    Contact – “Date of Last Event Attended” not calculating correctly

    The “Date of Last Event Attended” field on the Contact object was calculating based off the event registration date and not on the date of the event. This has been fixed.

    New Gift Interface – New Recurring Gifts with Multiple Allocations does not record the First Payment Allocations correctly

    There was a bug which always wrote the full Allocation amount on each allocation for any new Recurring Gift that had multiple Allocations. This bug has been fixed.

    Enhanced Gift Batch – Allow Single Receipts for Recurring Gifts

    The Enhanced Gift Batch has been modified to allow Single Receipts for Recurring Gifts.

    Household Rollup – “Total Fiscal Fundraising” roll up

    The “Total Fiscal Fundraising” was not rolling up on the Household Record. This bug has been fixed.

    Enhanced Fund Accounting: Posting 1500 Payments to Finance

    There was an error when large number of payment were attempted to be posted to finance at once. This issue has been corrected by implementing a new processing screen which will show up until the completion of all payments being posted to finance.

    Event Level Form: Can purchase quantity in a decimal value

    The quantity field accepted decimal values on the Event Level form. This bug has been fixed by restricting this field to a whole number.

    Causeview 2.400 - 10/07/2015
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