Causeview 2.300 - 09/02/2015

    Feature Enhancements


    New Gift Interface – Thank you message and Confirmation added after submission of any online gifts

    After submitting a new credit card donation through the new gift interface, confirmation number along with three buttons will be displayed on the following visual force page.

    Following are the buttons:

    1. “Back” – takes you back to the Individual/Organization record
    2. “Payment Created” – takes you to the created Payment record
    3. “Gift Created” – takes you to the created Transaction record

    New Gift Batch – Update to Constituent/Organization lookup

    “Mailing Street” field added to the “Constituent/Organization Id” lookup.



    ACH Refund

    Customers that are using iATS payment gateway experienced issues with refunding an ACH payment. This issue has been resolved.

    New Gift Batch – Handling special characters in Organization/Individual names

    When submitting donations through the new gift batch using an Organization or Individual which contains a special character in their names, there was a bug which prevented handling of these characters. This bug is fixed.

    Post to Finance – Having over 50,000 Non-Posted Allocation caused error

    When there are over 50,000 non-posted Allocations, the Post to Finance feature can break due to the standard Salesforce limitation. In order to comply with this limitation, CV defaulted the date filter to only include the past 7 days. The user still has access to modify this date range.

    New Household Interface – Cannot search existing contacts with an apostrophe in their name

    When searching for an existing individual on the create a “New Household” interface, there was a bug preventing the search of individuals with special character. This bug has been fixed.

    Individual: Donor Profile – Pie chart not visible when the Fund name is too long

    When the allocated Fund name is too long, the pie chart was no longer visible in its original size. This bug has been fixed.

    Causeview 2.300 - 09/02/2015
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