Causeview 2.210 Patch - 08/07/2015




    Organization New Gift Interface -  Contact validation removed from Organization New Gift interface

    Feature Enhancement

    Due to requests from our clients to remove the contact validation, we have removed this validation which requires a contact when submitting an Organization gift using the new gift interface. The ramification of this is that it will again be possible to enter Gifts for Organizations without a contact in this interface. We ask that customers keep in mind that this could lead to:

    • Recurring Gifts for Organizations rejected by the Payment Gateway. 
    • For Australian customers, Recurring and One-Time Gifts for Organizations rejected by the Payment Gateway. 
    • No future record of the person that authorized the gift on behalf of the organization. 

    Organization New Gift Interface - Affiliated Contacts included to the custom lookup on Organization Contact Look-up

    Feature Enhancement

    Affiliated Contacts to an Organization are added to the custom contact look up on the Organization new gift interface.

    Organization New Gift Interface - One Time and Recurring gift on New Gift Interface to save contact name on Transaction

    Feature Enhancement

    A new field called “Affiliated Contact” is added to the Transaction record, which will capture the contact name of the Individual entered when creating a new gift for the Organization. This will help our customers to use this field to report on.

    Organization New Gift Interface – The Contact lookup is changed to a picklist when a contact is not selected

    Defect Fix

    There was a bug on the contact look up on an Organization new gift interface which modified the lookup to a picklist. This bug has been fixed.

    New Organization Gift - Soft Credit Individual Lookup Restricted to Contacts Associated with that Organization

    Defect Fix

    When you create a new gift for an Organization through the New Gift Interface and try to enter a soft credit, you are limited on the Individual Solicitor lookup to the Contacts that are associated with the Organization. This bug has been fixed and you can now select any contact for Soft Credits.

    Causeview 2.210 Patch - 08/07/2015
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