How To: Create a New Matching Gift

    How To: Create a Matching Gift

    A matching gift is given by an organization in order to meet or match a gift from a different constituent. Matching gifts will automatically have the same allocation as the original gift, and the constituent who gave the original gift will receive a soft credit for the matching gift. The organization contributing the matching gift will receive the transactional credit for the gift - it will count toward their total transactions and fundraising - but a matching gift is not viewed as a gift in Causeview, and it will not contribute to an organization’s accumulated “giving”.

    1) Search for existing Transaction
    2) Create a Matching Gift

    Search for existing Transaction

    The first step when creating a new matching gift is to search for the gift that needs to be matched. This gift is recorded as a transaction in Causeview.

    You can search for a transaction by entering the transaction number in the global Causeview search box on top of the page. As you enter a value in the search box, Causeview will attempt to auto-complete your search with information you have recently viewed within the application. Clicking on the transaction number will take you to the detail page for that transaction.

    You may widen your search by using a wildcard in the form of an asterisk (*). For example, if you would like to see a list of transactions beginning with “0000006”, then enter is in the global search box as 0000006*. This will display all records in the application that begin with 0000006.

    Another way to locate a transaction is by searching for the constituent who gave the gift. For example, if the gift that needs to be matched is from Tom Parker, then you can search for Tom’s individual record within the application by entering his name in the global search box. You may also use a wildcard when searching for the individual.

    Once you are in the individual’s record, navigate to the list of transactions and click on the transaction number of the gift that needs to be matched.

    Create a Matching Gift

    It is best practice to create a matching gift from the transaction of the original gift. From the within the transaction of the original gift, click on “New Matching Gift” on top of the page.

    Click on the look-up icon beside Organization to search for the organization who is giving the matching gift.

    Enter the name of the organization and click on “Go”.

    Select the organization from the list of results.

    Next, specify the payment type and payment information. Notice that the amount defaults to the amount of the original gift. You may edit the amount if needed.

    If you would like a single receipt created for the matching gift, to be issued to the organization, select “Create Receipt for Matching Gift”.

    Notice that the allocation information is the same as that of the original gift. Click on “Submit”.

    After the matching gift is submitted, it will display the Transaction for the matching gift. Notice that the transaction is credited to the organization and it references the matched gift. Notice as well that the transaction record type appears as “Matching Gift”. If you would like to produce a report containing all of your matching gifts, you may use the report type as a filter in reports.

    An automatic soft credit is also applied to the constituent who gave the original gift.

    How To: Create a New Matching Gift
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