Glossadex: What is a Gift Batch Template?

    Glossadex: Batch Templates

    Batch Templates allow you to specify which fields to include and set presets within the Gift Batch Interface. You can include fields from an Individual, Organization, Transaction, Recurring Gift, Payment and Allocation record.

    The ability to set presets means that you can set a default value within a field. For example, if you are entering a large volume of gifts received at an event, you may want to set the same allocation information and transaction date for all of them. By presetting the allocation information and transaction date, it makes it easier to enter gifts within the Gift Batch since these information are already populated within the interface.

    Batch templates also allow you to set fields to read-only or hidden. You may also specify which fields are to be displayed as columns within the Gift Batch interface.

    When saving, Batch Templates can be set to “Personal” which means that they are only visible to the user who created them, or they can be shared with other users when set to “Global”.

    Glossadex: What is a Gift Batch Template?