How To: Void a Receipt

    How To: Void a Receipt

    It is always best practice to void receipts for transactions where a refund or a payment adjustment has been made. It also advisable to void the receipt immediately after issuing a refund or making a payment adjustment, if your organization is required to adhere by certain revenue reporting guidelines around receipting.

    Voiding a receipt does not delete the receipt but marks the receipt as no longer being valid. Voided receipts continue to be linked to transactions in Causeview but will display a record type and a status of “Void”.

    A new receipt can always be created for adjusted transactions and then issued to constituents.

    To void a receipt, first navigate to the constituent’s list of transactions. In the example below, we are navigating to Mr. Tom Parker’s (constituent) list of Transactions from his individual record. Click on the Transaction Number of the gift where the receipt needs to be voided.

    Notice that the payment for this transaction had been refunded and a receipt of the original payment had been issued to the constituent.

    Click on the receipt number of the receipt number of the receipt that needs to be voided.

    The receipt record will display. Click on the Void button found on top.

    Notice that the status of the receipt changes to "Void"

    When you go back to the transaction record, you'll notice as well that the receipt now has a status of "Void"

    How To: Void a Receipt
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