How To: Re-send an eCard for Tributes

    How To: Re-send an eCard for Tributes

    Search for the constituent who made the online donation and navigate to the constituent’s record.

    Then hover over the Transaction Related List hyperlink on top of the constituent’s detail page. You will see a list of transactions for the constituent. Click on the Transaction Number to view the transaction record. 

    Click on Edit on top of the Transaction Detail Page and navigate to the Memorial/Honorarium Detail. From here, you can edit the tribute information such as the email address. Once finished, click on Save.

    Next, go to the Activity History Related List within the same Transaction and click on Send an Email. This will open an Email window.

    Enter the email address of e-card recipient in the Additional To: box. Then click on Select Template at the top to select the Honorarium or Memorial e-card template.

    A window will open on your screen containing all email templates within Causeview. Look for the Honorarium and Memorial eCards. Select the Honorarium eCard for gifts made in “Honor of” or select the Memorial eCard for gifts made in “Memory of”.

    The email Subject and content will auto-populate based on the eCard you selected. Click on the Send button to send the eCard to the constituent.

    A record of the eCard being sent to the constituent will not display within the Activity History of the constituent’s record.

    How To: Re-send an eCard for Tributes
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