Difference between accounts and affiliations

    Difference between accounts and affiliations

    Causeview can help you to represent the connections and associations between individuals and organizations accurately using accounts and affiliations. An account is used to specify an organization which employs an individual, or which an individual represents when interacting with your organization. When an account is in place, an individual is seen as a part of the organization. An affiliation, on the other hand, is used to indicate connections an organization has with other organizations and individuals outside of the group or company.

    While both accounts and affiliations allow you to show a connection between an individual and an organization, only one account may be specified for an individual, while many affiliations can be formed. This is largely because an individual is expected to only represent or be employed by one organization at any time. However, an individual may be in professional or personal contact with many organizations at a time, and it can be useful to keep track of how your individual and organization constituents are connected.

    Accounts and affiliations act differently within the Causeview application, and in order to understand which connection to use it is helpful to know how. An individual affiliated with an organization will appear on the organization’s related list of affiliated contacts, and the organization will appear on the individual’s related list of organization affiliations. This is the only impact of an affiliation upon either constituent. When an individual falls under an account, the name of the organization appears in the “Account” field near the top of the individual’s detail page, the individual is shown in the related list of individuals on the organization, an automatic affiliation may be created between the organization and individual, and the organization will appear as the account for any opportunities created from the individual. Perhaps most importantly, the organization will receive transactional credit for any opportunities the individual is involved in if the individual has an account. The functional differences between affiliations and accounts reflect their inherent conceptual differences.

    Difference between accounts and affiliations
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