Pledges and Recurring Gifts

    Pledges and Recurring Gifts

    Pledges and recurring gifts are two different types of gift where multiple payments are made over time as a part of one gift commitment. A pledge is a commitment to gift a certain sum of money to your organization, which is made in installments over time, while a recurring gift is a regular, ongoing gift of a certain amount, which is usually processed automatically at the payment gateway.

    In Causeview, pledges and recurring gifts are similar because they both have multiple payments and allocations saved to a single transaction, and because they should both be associated with consolidated receipts issued at the end of the year. However there are significant differences between the two, which are important to consider when choosing a gift type.

    When a pledge is initially created using the new gift button, the amount entered is divided over a set payment schedule. Multiple payments and allocations are saved in Causeview, all under the same transaction, and the payments are usually marked as unreceived using a “pending” or “committed” payment status. Over time these payments can act as reminders to follow up with the constituent and can assist with projecting future gift income. However, despite the payment structure created and saved in Causeview, payments toward a pledge are not considered guaranteed, and will never be automatically processed or approved. Any necessary changes can be made to the pledge schedule or total amount by editing the existing payment structure, and payments can be written off if needed.

    When a recurring gift is initially created using the new gift button the amount entered for the gift is the expected amount for each payment in the future. A single initial payment and allocation are saved in Causeview, but a recurring gift and recurring allocation are also connected to the transaction. A recurring gift is viewed as guaranteed, with payments always occurring on the expected withdrawal day, and at the expected amount. The recurring gift and recurring allocation indicate this expected payment information, and influence automatically processed payments.

    Pledges and Recurring Gifts
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