Basics of Actionpages and Code Snippets

    Basics of Actionpages and Code Snippets

    An Actionpage is a stylish web page designed to help your constituents give donations and register for events online on their own time, while still connecting automatically to a Causeview appeal or event. Actionpages are customizable, and can be created in just minutes to help your information reach your donors when you want it to.

    Actionpages can be created quickly and easily with the Actionpage Designer, a tool designed to make web design as easy as setting up a social media profile. Actionpages can be created in three different forms - fundraising pages to take in gifts, free event pages to register event attendees, and paid event pages which combine event registration with payments. The Actionpage designer will automatically create a form for your constituents to submit their payment and information. You can choose different colour schemes and fonts, upload a banner and your organization’s logo, and create all of your own text. You can even create multiple Actionpages for one appeal or event, and use different types of Actionpage as needed.

    Once your Actionpage is set up, it can be shared through email, social media like Twitter and Facebook, or through your organization’s website. The Actionpage Designer automatically creates a direct link to the Actionpage, which is easy to share anywhere online, and allows you to customize an Actionbutton to direct constituents to the page. The Actionbutton comes in the form of a short piece of code that can be copied and pasted into your website to create the button.

    If you prefer to use your organization’s own website the Actionpage Designer will generate a piece of code that can be copied and pasted into your web page to recreate the form for your constituent to enter their payment and information. Even from your own web page the form will interact with Causeview and process the payment.

    Basics of Actionpages and Code Snippets
    Actionpages: Online Forms