Glossadex: What is a recurring gift?

    Glossadex: Recurring Gift

    A recurring gift is a gift of a set amount which automatically occurs on a set schedule, usually without a determined end date. Recurring gifts are associated with automatic payments charged to the constituent by your payment gateway, usually from a credit card. The recurring gift tab helps you keep track of the recurring gifts set up for your constituents, and adjust them as necessary.

    When examining a recurring gift detail page, under the recurring gifts tab, you will find related lists with a transaction and a recurring allocation. The transaction is where payments and allocations will accumulate over time, and the recurring allocation controls how each payment and allocation are created. Information about the amount of the payment, the associated appeal, and which fund the money is directed to is controlled by the recurring allocation. Any changes to the payment schedule must be made directly through the payment gateway.

    A recurring type gift should always have a consolidated receipt in Causeview. With a consolidated receipt, all of the payments made by a constituent over the year are combined into a single receipt, which is issued at the end of the year.

    Glossadex: What is a recurring gift?