Glossadex: What is a pledge?

    Glossadex: Pledge

    A pledge is a gift from a constituent contributed to your organization in a series of payments over a regular schedule. An initial payment may be made at the time of processing. The payments that make up a pledge are not treated as confirmed income, like a recurring gift, and must always be entered manually into Causeview - they will not be automatically withdrawn.

    To better manage your pledges, Causeview generates a payment schedule as a series of payments and allocations, based on either a number of payments or a payment amount per installment. Pledge payment amounts, payment types, and dates can be edited at a later date, new payments can be added as needed, and payment can be written off if the pledge is cancelled.

    A pledge should always have a consolidated receipt in Causeview. With a consolidated receipt, all of the payments made by a constituent over the year are combined into a single receipt, which is issued at the end of the year.

    Glossadex: What is a pledge?