Your network of constituents: Accounts, Affiliations, Relationships and Households

    Your network of constituents: Accounts, Affiliations, Relationships and Households

    Causeview is designed to help you map and track the complex connections between your constituents to help you target your stewardship efforts and better interact with your network of individuals and organizations. There are several ways to form connections between constituents, and it can be difficult at first to understand how they differ and interact.

    Accounts are used to associate an individual with the organization who employs them. Each individual can have only one account. Households are a special organization used to group together individuals who all live at the same address, and membership in a household does not impact account. Affiliations and relationships are used to track all connections between individuals and organizations.

    Accounts are used to identify the main organization that an individual falls under, usually as an employee. Organizations saved in Causeview may act as the account for several individuals, one individual, or no individuals at all. Causeview has a special bucket account called “Individual” to store any individual constituent whose interactions with your organization are unrelated to their employer, or individuals with unknown employers.

    Households are a special form of organization used to group together all the individuals living at the same address - usually families. The more free-form circles or shapes in red represent households. Households do not impact account status, and can contain individuals with different accounts.

    The orange lines running between individuals and organizations represent any known connections between individuals and organizations, including relationships and affiliations. These connections have no functional impact on Causeview unless an automatic soft credit is created.

    The connections function in the same way, but the terminology changes depending on who is involved in the connection. Connections between two organizations, termed affiliated organizations, are shown in purple. The light blue connections between individuals and organizations are called affiliated contacts from the organization’s point of view, and organization affiliations from the individual’s point of view. Connections between two individuals are relationships, shown in orange.

    To better understand the different functions of Causeview’s accounts, affiliations, relationships and households, you may wish to read about the difference between accounts and households, the difference between households and relationships, or the difference between relationships and affiliations.

    Your network of constituents: Accounts, Affiliations, Relationships and Households
    Organizations, Households & Individuals