Glossadex: What are gift batch presets?

    Glossadex: Gift Batch Presets

    Gift batch presets allow you to enter and save information for gift batches to automatically fill in and hide information fields for gifts in a batch. For example, if I have a large number of gifts collected at an event the date of the transaction should be the same for all items. With gift batch presets I can set the date and hide the field so that I don’t have to enter it or even see it when entering the gifts into Causeview.

    Each Causeview user can change and save their gift batch presets independently, but each user can only have one set of presets at a time. Presets should be adjusted before entering each batch of new gifts. Saving gift batch presets will directly impact any new gift batch items that are created after the presets are saved, including new items created in pre-existing open gift batches, but will not impact gift batch items that were saved before the presets are changed.

    Glossadex: What are gift batch presets?