Campaign, Appeal, and Event Hierarchies

    Campaign, Appeal, and Event Hierarchies

    Structuring your campaigns, appeals, and events in Causeview is important for keeping your application well organized, and for information accuracy in accumulating gift and transaction amounts.

    Hierarchies in Causeview can have a maximum of three levels. The top level must always be a campaign, with secondary and tertiary levels composed of appeals and events. Depending on your reporting needs, campaigns may represent specific revenue streams, like Direct Mail or Online Gifts, or they may represent a period of time, like a fiscal or calendar year. Gifts and transactions should not be allocated directly toward a campaign, so at least one appeal should exist below it.

    Appeals and events compose the second and third levels of the hierarchy, and they represent your specific outreach and stewardship efforts. Any appeal in the second level of your hierarchy is referred to as a parent appeal, which simply means that it is able to have other appeals below it. It isn’t necessary for a parent appeal to have “child” appeals or events. While an event can exist in the second level of the hierarchy, an event cannot act as a parent, and no appeals or events should exist under it.

    You can view the existing hierarchy for a campaign, appeal, or event from the detail page. Click on the “View Hierarchy” link next to the name of the campaign, appeal, or event.

    The link will open a page showing the overview of the existing hierarchy. To view information for any other campaign, appeal, or event simply click on the name to open its detail page.

    Campaign, Appeal, and Event Hierarchies
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