Glossadex: What is a detail page?

    Glossadex: Detail Page

    A detail page is the page in Causeview that allows you to see all of the information associated with a record - a single individual, appeal, transaction, opportunity, etc. saved in Causeview. The detail page will show all of the basic information you have entered and saved for a record, information that accumulates over time based on activity in Causeview, and related lists of other records that are connected to the one you are looking at.

    From the detail page you can view and edit information, examine detail pages for associated records, and create new related records. For example, in the detail page for an individual information like name, gender, contact information, mailing preferences, and households can be viewed and edited. Accumulated values for giving and transactions are viewable, along with graphs to make trends over time easier to see. There are also many related lists, like relationships with other individuals, transactions the individual has taken part in, and event registrations. To see more information about a specific transaction the individual took part in, or to make changes to it, you can click on the transaction number, or click on the quick link to “Edit”.

    Glossadex: What is a detail page?