Glossadex: What is a tab?

    Glossadex: Tab

    In Causeview a tab is a page that helps you to navigate through all of your saved information by showing you a list of similar items - like all individuals whose information is in Causeview. The tabs that show up in each Causeview user’s view can be changed to help with what’s most important for the work they do.

    This Causeview user has the “Home” tab open. To open the “Individuals” tab, the user would simply click on the word Individuals. A list of all possible tabs is under the “+” symbol. If you need to access tabs that aren’t shown at the top of Causeview you can always find the full list of tabs under the “+”.

    The “+” tab will also allow you to customize which tabs show up at the top of your pages in Causeview.

    Glossadex: What is a tab?