Glossadex: What is a Causeview user?

    Glossadex: Causeview User

    A Causeview user is a licensed user name for your organization’s copy of the Causeview application. A Causeview user name is attached to most information saved or changed in Causeview, to help you understand who first created each record and to track changes and interactions over time.

    Each user can be assigned time-sensitive tasks or calendar events which appear on their custom home page in Causeview, either by themselves, other Causeview users, or automated workflows. Causeview users can designate preferences for visible dashboards on their home page or for tabs at the top of Causeview. Causeview users can also communicate with one another through shared posts and links or with the chat feature inside Causeview.

    Causeview users may have permission to interact with the application in different ways. A user designated as an administrator can make significant changes to Causeview.

    Glossadex: What is a Causeview user?