Glossadex: What is Causeview?

    Glossadex: Causeview

    Causeview is an application that runs on top of the Salesforce platform. It operates much like an application running on an iPhone, where the iPhone (Salesforce) is useful and functions well, but adding a software application (Causeview) makes it even more useful, since it can do things it couldn’t before. Causeview takes advantage of useful functions in the Salesforce framework, and adds and adapts aspects to meet the needs of fund developers, event coordinators and nonprofit organizations.

    Causeview is cloud software, which means that it’s hosted (or saved) on the Internet, and not your computer. That means that you can access your information in Causeview from any device (desktop or laptop, tablet or phone, Mac or PC) or location as long as you have Internet access.

    Glossadex: What is Causeview?