Communicating with Your Team Internally using Causeview

    Salesforce has its own native social media platform built right into the application called Chatter. Chatter allows you to coordinate and collaborate within your organization and allows you to grow your organization within the scope of your constituent relationship management system. My Profile gains access to the user’s Chatter profile page. A short video can be viewed here that explains the uses and benefits of Chatter. This page will be shared with all other system users if the Chatter option has been chosen by your organization, giving them instant contact and connections to you and your activities. Privacy and security levels can be chosen for all content.

    Breakeven Inc. recommends the use of Chatter to help grow the collaborative effort within your non profit organization (i.e. to help grow the donor profile of a constituent). Using the social media application will not only feel intuitive to many fundraisers, but it will allow for the easy communication between different departments within the non profit.

    Chatter also includes groups that you can create to collaborate outside of a constituent or Organization record. You can create a group based on the location of your staff, the marketing team, etc. that will allow people to collaborate, post documents, and discuss topics all in one central location in a platform that is familiar to avid social media users.

    To find out more about Chatter, see the User Guide.

    Communicating with Your Team Internally using Causeview
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