Using Reports to Build Campaigns

    Reports are great tools to help non profit fundraisers build successful campaigns for their organizations. Reporting on previous campaigns, giving totals, etc. will allow you to build the best campaigns, and direct those campaigns towards the donors whose reaction would be positive rather than just directing the campaigns at your entire donor list. This will help you increase donor retention - by only sending donors the campaigns that they would be likely to donate too and not spamming their inbox, phone, or mail.

    Here are the steps to take to user a report to add Contacts to a Campaign

    1. Pick a report that has the “Add to Campaign” button

    2. Customize the report for the particular Campaign using the filters: Customize > Select Criteria

    3. Run the report

    4. Click “Add to Campaign”

    5. Create New, Clone or Add to Existing to select the Campaign

    6. Type Email Campaign and Click on Active

    7. Select “Save Campaign”

    8. Go into Vertical Response on the top right corner of the application

    9. Select the tab “VR Email”

    10. Select “Use a List”

    This will create the list in Vertical Response or Constant Contact to send your email blast.  It will always go back and get the list from Salesforce so removing a Contact from the list in Salesforce will remove it from future mailings as well.

    Using Reports to Build Campaigns