Setting up an Appeal

    The next step in the process is to set up the Appeals to specify the various actioned effort that will be undertaken throughout the course of the next year. The Appeals will be a combination of standalone Parent Appeals as well as Child Appeals that identify segments within a Parent Appeal. Parent Appeals are generally created on a fiscal basis and will include all Appeals that occur within a fiscal year.

    In your Campaign scroll down to the Related List called Campaign/Appeal Hierarchy to see all of the Parent Appeals currently linked to the Campaign.

    To create a new Appeal, click the New Appeal button.

    You will now find yourself in the Appeal Record, which represents the actioned effort attributed to the Corporate campaign.

    The first step to setting up the new Appeal is to establish the connection back to your desired campaign. Next to the Parent Campaign, enter the name of the campaign or use the lookup directory.

    Select your desired Campaign from the search results.

    Populate the details and click save.

    In this case because the Appeal we just set up is a Parent Appeal you will notice that once the record has been saved the Parent Appeal checkbox has automatically updated to True.

    Expenses Associated with Appeals

    • The Expenses related list is used to manage the expenses directly related to the Appeal record you are working with. To add a new expense record click on New Expense.

    • You will be prompted to select the type of Expense – select Appeal Expense.

    • Give the Expense a name and populate the remaining details. Click Save and you will return to the Special Event record.

    • The Expense is now listed in the related list and rolls-up into the Actual Cost field located in the Actuals section.

    • By entering all your expenses related to the appeal, you will be able to determine the cost per solicitation and the cost per response (How much it costs to send out a solicitation, and based on the responses, how much each of those responses cost). This allows you to determine to what extent the appeal is successful, and determine the lowest cost per donation appeals - to run more of those.

    Gift Details

    • The Gift Details related list outlines all of the gifts that have been attributed to this particular Appeal. The Amounts will roll-up into the related summary fields within the Actuals section.

    • If you have a hierarchy of Parent Appeal with Child Appeals underneath it, then the related list will display the gifts attribute to the Appeal record you are currently on. For example: if viewing the Child Appeal then the gift details will be those donations attributed to that specific segment, whereas viewing the Parent Appeal Gift Details will only include those donations attribute to the Parent.

    Tasks and Activities: Use the Tasks and Activities functionality to track and manage all of the activities you undertake to manage the lifecycle of the special event. These tasks are reportable and will give you additional transparency and audit capabilities once the event is complete.

    Child Appeal

    • A segment or Child Appeal would be used when you want to have a more granular level beneath the Parent Appeal.

    • A good example is if you are doing a Direct Mail Appeal and within that Appeal you want to setup 2 segments: Donors that have given within the past year and Donors that have not given in the last 2 years.

    • Creating 2 segments underneath the Parent Appeal will give you the structure to support tracking of gifts, expenses, numbers sent back to the segment level.

    • From the Parent Appeal record, scroll down to the Related List called Campaign/Appeal Hierarchy to see a list of all of the Child Appeals currently linked to the Parent Appeal.

    • Rather than just creating an appeal, you will select the parent appeal.

    Setting up an Appeal
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