Browsing for Information in Causeview

    Browsing for Information in Causeview

    Once you’ve gained some familiarity with some key concepts about how Causeview works, it’ll be useful to learn how to navigate through the various areas in Causeview.


    The bar running along the top of the screen contains tabs. These tabs take you to different areas within Causeview, which are also known as “objects.” Objects are simply different tables in the Causeview database that allow you to store information. Causeview features objects that are unique to Causeview, as well as objects that come with Salesforce.

    One of the easiest ways to browse through the information contained in these objects is to use something called a “View.”


    Let’s say you want to take a look at all of the Individuals within your database by clicking on the Individuals tab. By default, this screen will show you Individuals that you’ve browsed most recently. Below the menu bar, you’ll see a pick list called “View.” A View is simply allows you to browse through the Individuals object using pre-defined filters and columns that were selected in advance.

    Select the “All Individuals” view to see everyone in your database, and click on “Go!” Because this view is designed to show you every Individual in the database, it naturally has no filters selected.

    Try the various options in the pick list (remember to click on “Go!” each time) to get acquainted with them. Here are a few examples:

    • "All Major Gift Donors” shows you all Individuals listed as “major gift donors” in their profile. This classification is usually determined by settings customized for your organization when we first deploy Causeview.
    • First Time Donors” shows you Individuals who have donated once.
    • LYBUNT” shows you donors who have donated “Last Year, But Not This” year (lapsed donors).
    • "New This Week" shows you Individuals who have been added to the database this week (this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ve donated anything).
    • SYBUNT” shows you donors who have donated “Some Year, But Not This” year (donors who have donated at some point in time, but not this current year).

    As an exercise, we’d encourage you to check out some of the other views in all of the various objects. This is a great way to rapidly acquaint yourself with all of the different information areas within Causeview.

    Browsing for Information in Causeview
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