Merging Duplicate Contact Records

    Navigate to the Organizations tab

    Select the organization to which the individuals you would like to merge belong to. We can only merge individuals through the account they are associated with, and not a household. Remember, that individuals who do not have an account specific automatically get put in the “Individual” account.

    Once on that Organization’s Record Detail Page, scroll down to the heading “Individuals” and press the “Merge Individuals” button.

    Once on the Merge My Individuals page, select the individual records you would like to merge. You also have the option of searching for individuals. Once you checked the appropriate individuals, press the next button.

    From here, you can select which will be the Master Record and which fields from the two records you would like to keep. After you finish selecting the fields, press the merge button.

    Merging Duplicate Contact Records
    Organizations, Households & Individuals