Causeview 2.500 - 10/28/2015

    Feature Enhancements


    iATS – ACH Return process

    ACH Returns will no longer be a manual process. Causeview has automated this process and ACH returns will be automatically captured and updated in CV instance going forward. The following artice describes the ACH return process.



    Transaction: Payment Withdrawal Day not accounting for New Payment Start Date

    “Payment Withdrawal Day” from the Transaction object displays the start date of a Recurring Gift. However when a Recurring Gift was update to a new start date, this Payment Withdrawal Day value failed to get updated with the new start date. This bug has been fixed.

    Enhanced Gift Batch – Event Level Lookup

    There was a bug which prevented the Event Level lookup on the Enhanced Gift Batch to work. This bug has been fixed.

    Enhanced Gift Batch – State/Province required filter removed for Countries outside of North America

    “State/Province” field on the enhanced gift batch was set to mandatory for all countries. This has been modified to only make it mandatory if the country is within North America.

    Enhanced Gift Batch – Unable to submit multiple new recurring ACH

    There was a bug which prevented the user from submitting multiple new ACH recurring donations to the iATS gateway using the Enhanced Gift Batch. This bug has been fixed. 

    New Gift – button removed from the Household page layout

    A New Gift should always be processed through the Household member and not from the Household record as the roll-ups do not factor in the Household records.

    Fund field lookup filter

    On a previous release we added a filter on the Fund field so that a user cannot select or allocate to any inactive Funds. However this may have caused an issue for one of our customer with their data. CV removed this filter for this release to resolve the issue.

    iATS – Cancel Recurring Gifts for customers on multiple servers

    Clients who are using multiple NA and UK iATS servers in a single CV instance reported that they experienced issues cancelling a recurring gift. This bug has been fixed.

    iATS - Missing Allocations

    Clients who have a large volume of recurring payments, had issues with allocations being created for all of the payment. Some allocations were missed which were then reconciled. Causeview has fixed this in the iATS service so that it will handle large volume of recurring payments on a single day while creating the allocation records for all payments accurately.

    Household Rollup – Total Fiscal Household Fundraising record not rolling up

    On a household record, there was a bug which prevented the “Total Fiscal Household Fundraising” record from rolling up. This bug has been fixed. 

    Gender field added to Member field set

    The Gender field has been added to the Member field set so clients can add it to the Household page layout if required.

    Causeview 2.500 - 10/28/2015
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