New Gift Batch .XLS Function

    New Gift Batch .XLS Function

    The purpose of the new Gift Batch .XLS function is to provide our users with greater flexibility when inputting their gift batch. The .XLS file allows our users to take the field presets they created with the Gift Batch Template function, download an Excel sheet with all of the proper headings, and copy and paste the information right into it. Once complete, the user can upload the completed Excel sheet into the Gift Batch Interface and process payments.

    From the home screen click on “Gift Batch Template” or click on the “+” and then navigate to “Gift Batch Template”.

    The Gift Batch Template must be created and saved before you can download the .XLS file. So if the Template has not been created, you can go ahead and create and save it. Once you save the template, navigate back to the Gift Batch Template tab, and select the template record you want to use.

    In your selected Gift Batch Template, you will see a new button called “Download .xls”. Press this button and the related .xls file will begin downloading.

    You can now enter your information in the correct area within the Excel sheet. It is important you add the information in the same manner as these would be entered in Causeview. Please note that you cannot change any of the field presets once you save the Gift Batch Template. Once you finish entering the data, save the Excel file.

    *As a best practice, we recommend that you fill out one row in the actual Causeview Gift Batch Interface and then fill out the .xls sheet, to help you see the proper values for each field.

    Navigate back into Causeview, and then click on the “Gift Batches” tab. Once on this tab, click on the “New” button.

    Enter the name of the Gift Batch and then use the lookup icon to find the template you were using to create the .XLS file with. Also, within the Gift Summary, include the number of gifts under each payment type and the total dollar amount of those gifts, and press Save.

    From the Gift Batch detail page, you will see another new button called “Choose File” where you can upload the .XLS file you just created and saved, and the press the “Upload File” button.

    Once you upload the file, your gift batch will auto-populate under the Batch Items heading, in the same fashion as if you were to manually type of records in the gift batch. You can then “Save Batch Items” as you like and commit the batch.

    Please note: The Gift Batch function does not allow you to save more than 50 records at a time. Please upload 50 or less records at once, save the batch, and then upload your next set of 50 or less.

    New Gift Batch .XLS Function
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