Causeview 2.830 - 06/22/2016

    Feature Enhancements


    Gift Batch – Support for CSV file import

    New Gift Batch has been updated to support CSV file upload. You can now enter your gift details on an Excel spreadsheet and upload that file directly to the gift batch.

    New Gift Interface – Filter out inactive funds

    Fund lookup on the New Gift Interface is updated to filter out any inactive funds.

    Fraudulent Payment iATS – Identification

    Potential fraudulent payments will be written and identified in Causeview with the two new fields on the payment object.

    • iATS Potentially Fraudulent Payment - Read-only checkbox field with default value of False
    • iATS Potentially Fraudulent Code - Read-only Text field with default value of NULL

    Neither field will be included on the default Causeview Payment Page Layout, but will be updated on a daily basis based on iATS Fraudulent Reject Codes.

    Fraudulent Payment iATS – View (Beta)

    New tab called “iATS Potentially Fraudulent Payment” is created to identify potential fraudulent payments. This page will display all the payments that have the “iATS Potentially Fraudulent Payment” field checked.

    Recurring Gift – Bank City length updated

    Bank City field length on the Recurring Gift object is updated from 30 to 50 characters. 

    New Gift Interface/Batch – Recurring gift with future start date

    For recurring gifts with future start dates, CV will no longer create a Payment or an Allocation record. CV service will create these records once the payment is processed at the payment gateway.

    New Gift Interface/Batch – Allocation records for declined payments

    Allocation records will be created for all declined payments created through the New Gift interface and Gift Batch. The allocation record will contain $0 for Approved Amount and the actual value for the Allocated Amount.

    Client side validation for valid credit card numbers on donation forms

    Donation forms will now have a validation which will display an error message when a donor enters incorrect credit card number.

    Total Fundraising Last Fiscal Year added to the Individual’s object

    A new field called “Total Fundraising Last Fiscal Year” is added to the Individual object which rolls up all total giving for that Individual within the last fiscal year.  



    New Gift Interface – Re-entering information

    When entering a recurring gift through the new gift interface, as soon as a user selected a Payment Type, the Frequency and Start Date fields were reset to null. This bug has been fixed.

    Credit Card Recurring Gift Update

    Updating credit card number on a recurring gift was also updating the Account # field value on the ‘Pre-authorized Debit Details’ section. This bug has been fixed.   

    Gift Batch – Transaction date gets overwritten by Payment date

    When a user enters a different date on the Transaction Date field then on the Payment Date field, the saved records Transaction Date was overwritten with the Payment date’s value. This bug has been fixed.

    Recurring Gift – Updating Next Payment Date

    There was a bug when updating the Schedule Day on the New Recurring Gift Management page. For a monthly gift, if the next payment is in the future of the current month, the change will update the Next Payment with the next month’s payment date. This bug has been fixed.

    Recurring Gift (ACH) – Cancelling on New Recurring Gift Management page

    When cancelling an ACH recurring gift through the new Recurring Gift Management page, there was a UI validation preventing to update the record if the record was missing a Routing number. This bug has been fixed. 

    Contact Rollup Error - Too many query rows: 50001

    Some customers were facing contact rollup issue related to the following error: First error: causeview:Too many query rows: 50001. This bug has been fixed.

    Multi-currency – Allocation created in default currency

    Recurring payments allocation records were being written in the organization’s default currency rather than the payment’s currency. This bug has been fixed.

    Online form defaults to vertical format on mobile

    Forms set to wizard format through the Action Page Designer still showed up in vertical format on a mobile device. This bug has been fixed

    Causeview 2.830 - 06/22/2016
    Causeview Release Notes